The exterior of your house is as important as the interior. This is your home’s most visible part. Your careful consideration will help you choose the right color scheme for the exterior of your house. You will spend money and time, and you definitely want to get it right. Along with increasing its visual appeal, choosing the right home paint colors might help boost the resale value of your home. Use these handy tips when choosing the right paint colors for your home.


Blend with the Neighborhood

Walk around your neighborhood to see how the houses are painted. This will help to guide you on the appropriate home paint colors for your home’s exterior. If most of the houses are painted in brown hues, you should not go for a shiny black. Your house will be the odd one out. The trick is to blend in. Go for a color palette that is consistent with the rest of the neighborhood.



Consider the Architecture

The colors you choose should reflect your home’s architectural design. An old, colonial mansion painted in bright orange and green might not bring out the desired architectural effect. Don’t be tempted by the season colors. If not sure, you can ask a professional on the color history that is consistent with your house design. The idea here is to have paint colors that bring out the best out of the design of your home.



The Climate

The climate of your locality should guide you on choosing the right paint color. The exterior of your house is exposed to the elements. The colors should look appealing, yet be durable and resistant to corrosion or mold. The color choice for a log cabin in the woods would be different from that of a beachfront house. Your choice should be guided by the surrounding environment, considering how the climate will affect the color and the quality of paint.



Create Contrast

Creating contrast with the home paint colors can be easy. Considering the dominant house color, choose a different hue for the windows, roof edging and the window casings. You can then paint the doors and shutters a different color to highlight them. While at it, consider the landscape colors, and the contrast that they bring to the overall picture.




Understand the Surface

What is the texture of the walls of your home’s exterior? The appearance of paint colors changes with the surface, and this will impact the overall visual effect that you desired. When you paint rough surfaces, the colors appear darker. Smooth surfaces will have a lighter visual effect.



Know the Size

You can use color creatively to alter the mood and perception of your house. You can paint bold colors to create an impression of a bigger house. A handy tip here is to remember that darker or lighter colors have an effect on the size perception of the exterior of your home.


When choosing home paint colors for your home’s exterior, ensure that you go for a palette that makes you comfortable, and gives your home the attractiveness it needs. Play with color, and never hesitate to ask for professional assistance, when need be.