Painting a Room Two Colors

The colors in one’s room are a depiction of one’s style, class, and personality. In a sense, one can tell the kind of person you are just by observing the space you live in. This is why it is so important to keep your space looking as you want others to see you. The best way to do this is through the colors you choose for the interior design of your room. Ever heard the phrase, less is more? It is usually advised to keep the colors in your room simple yet show your own kind of sophistication. Seeing as today we are talking about painting a room in two colors, here is a list of things to consider before you get your paintbrush.

Color Psychology

Before painting a room two colors, ask yourself what the purpose of that room is. Is it a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom? Different colors bring out different moods in a room. You need to find out what mood you want that room to emit. If you want a peaceful vibe in the bedroom, colors such as violet and blue would work best. More vibrant color pairs such as orange and yellow subconsciously suggest laughter and conversation in a living room.

The Perfect Pair

Just like kids, some colors just don’t go well with others. Make the mistake of choosing two colors that do not and the end result will be a confusing theme that has no third color available to bring a visual balance of the two. Good thing is, Isaac Newton invented the color wheel that assists in determining the perfect pair of colors for your room depending on the kind of theme you’re looking for. Want to depict loyalty and trust? Blue and white are your perfect pair.

Pattern, Patterns, Patterns

Two colors are more than enough when it comes to creating all kinds of patterns especially when you include the furniture’s colors into the mix. Putting stripes and shapes of different colors to the main background color accentuates the desired theme.Horizontal stripes push out the walls while the vertical stripes visually ‘raise the roof’.What about contrast colored shapes? Well, they are simply fun.


When painting room two colors, you can use contrasting colors to bring a dramatic visual effect especially when it comes to the brain’s perception of space.White walls make the room look spacious while a darker color, say orange may make the room look cooped up or cozy depending on the actual space of the room and vice versa.

Depending on what color furniture you possess, make sure that their colors blend with the wall’s background. If your furniture has dramatic colors, say bright yellow, a less dramatic combination of colors such as orange may work well, The same colors but of different shades may also be used. You may be adventurous enough to paint one color for all walls, say white in the above case and paint a contrasting trim like yellow that makes the trim stand out.
Want to separate yourself from the normal and be creative…Two color painting is a great way to go beyond normal.