home-with-sidingA good paint job mainly serves two purposes. First, it gives your home the appearance that you’ve always dreamed of, and second it protects your home. There are two factors that play a decisive role on the durability of a paint job. The overhead sun is extremely important, as it drys out the paint and makes it stick well to the wall. Conversely, water always finds a way to sneak into the thin layer between the paint and the wall, resulting in cracking and peeling. Deciding to get a paint job done is quite a task and there are certain specific areas that one needs to inspect. These areas differ by nature with every element in your home. So how do you tell if your home needs a paint job or not? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:



Not all surfaces need a new layer of paint. The siding accounts for almost 80% of the total work. Usually, there are three factors that determine the quality the paint on your siding:painted-home-siding

  • Do a close inspection of the color. Does it appear faded? You might want to get a new layer of paint done on it if that is the case.
  • Next, try rubbing your hand gently across the surface. If a chalky film gets stuck to your hands it’s certainly time for a new paint job.
  • In the event that you happen to have a masonite siding, take a peek at the bottom edge of each board. Test its waterproofing capabilities by pouring water on it and seeing if it beads up. If the results are nothing to write home about or if you notice minor swellings around the nail heads, you are better off opting for a new layer of paint.



When it comes to the windows, a much sharper and accurate inspection is called for. Often times, it might be really difficult to tell for an inexperienced individual, so be sure to look carefully. Here’s what you should be looking at:painted-window-frame

  • Sills are where your eyes should wander to first. Take a good look at the bottom right and bottom left areas – is the frame molding soft and crumbly? This could very well be a strong indication of water damage.
  • Most window frames are endowed with a metal frame at the top. Due to this fact, the drill caps are never susceptible to water damage. However, some window frames are made up of wood and may turn soft overtime.
  • A horizontal piece of wood rests at the bottom edge of the window sash. This area is well known to lose its paint at a faster rate compared to other surrounding areas. The paint becomes flaky before other parts…often after a year or two depending upon weather conditions. If you do plan to sell your house, be wary that this might deter potential buyers. Flaky paint is a clear indication of a house that hasn’t undergone maintenance for a good amount of time.

If you notice any of the above symptoms with regards to your windows, you can be sure that it’s time to get a new paint job right away! On the other hand, while getting new windows might be much more expensive than getting a new paint job, the move is definitely worth consideration as they have a major impact on the decor of your apartment.



The final place of inspection would be the doors. While they form vital entryways, an old and worn out door is probably the worst sight ever. We would recommend that you get your doors fixed and painted before you start to even consider the rest of the suggestions in the list. Here’s what you should be looking at:home-painted-front-door

  • Inspect the door frames and corners well. Pay special attention to the bottom edges. If you notice paint peeling off, your door is undoubtedly in need of service. You should also check for soft areas…much like the window frames. These could indicate potential water damage.
  • Move on to the gable ends of your apartment/home. Take a close look at the paint over them. Cracks and peeling are common in these areas as well. Water damage is no stranger, as well. Do the usual hand inspection that you have been done on other areas and note the observations.
  • Also, don’t forget to check the vents. Do they still have a proper coating over them? Keep these points in mind to decide on whether you want to get your doors replaced or repainted in the immediate future.

You may want to consider just getting these areas refurbished in order to make your home look all bright and shiny again. Just because your doors and windows need some work, doesn’t mean that you need to get your whole home repainted. If you are not sure, first get these aforementioned areas repainted and have a look at the final result before you make any more moves. Be that as it may, if more than 30% of your apartment is suffering from cracks or flaky paint, it might be in your best interest to go ahead and get a major paint job. An experienced painter can make these recommendations.



To get such issues addressed and properly evaluated, contact a well known professional painter near your locality. He will be able to assess your home for you and suggest what you ought to do next. In most cases, a good paint job should protect your home safely from the sun and the rain for years to come.

If you do feel that your home needs a paint job after reading this article, Good Faith Paint Company has you covered. We are experts in our field and we will be very glad to assess your current situation and suggest appropriate repairs! Give our office a call today!